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Smith Roberts Baldischwiler, LLC (SRBOK) is an Oklahoma City Civil Engineering Firm which provides specialized engineering, surveying and planning services. Our company profile is a balanced mixture of licensed professional civil engineers, licensed surveyors, designers, engineering technicians, draftsmen, survey field crews as well as support staff including in-house legal counsel. The Journal Record’s “Book of Lists 2007” lists SRBOK as a “Top Ten” engineering and surveying company.

SRBOK, an Oklahoma City Engineering Firm, is the premier source of skilled planning services, exceptional surveying, incomparable site development and unparalleled construction supervision for governmental entities and private developers. SRB's greatest strength is its commitment to open communication throughout all stages of a project among the citizens, the government, utility companies, and other design professionals. Our clients and projects speak for us. Smith Roberts Baldischwiler, LLC is comprised of three divisions:

Survey Division

Smith Roberts Baldischwiler, LLC is one of the largest private surveying firms in Oklahoma, providing land surveys and land related services for over $25 billion in asset transactions each year. This division is staffed with 10+ field survey crews utilizing the latest surveying equipment and techniques for data collection for engineering design and property transactions. Our in-house Survey Division maintains active professional land surveyor registrations in ten states (including Oklahoma) to serve survey clients such as state agencies, private land development entrepreneurs, national retail chain stores as well as other local engineering companies. Design-Ready® Survey is a registered trademark of the company. Our sister company, Smith-Roberts National Corporation, provides nationwide ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys for clients requiring multi-state and multi-site commercial surveys. Another sister company, The Planning and Zoning Resource Corporation (PZR), is America’s largest provider of zoning due diligence, analysis and creator of the PZR Zoning Report.

Public Works Division

Smith Roberts Baldischwiler, LLC’s Public Works Division specializes in municipal and transportation engineering, providing civil engineering services for water distribution and sanitary sewer improvements; hydrologic / hydraulic design for stormwater collection / management; as well as roadway / bridge design. Our experienced team is able to provide complete engineering design services from project inception through construction completion. Typical services provided by the Public Works Division include:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Final Construction Plans / Specifications
  • Topographical Survey
  • Bidding Services
  • Utility / Right-of-Way Research
  • Resident Inspection Services / Construction Administration

Site Development Division

Smith Roberts Baldischwiler, LLC is an industry leader in civil engineering/surveying services for site development projects; successfully completing projects for commercial, industrial, public and institutional projects. Our firm provides full services for site development projects, from conceptual planning through construction administration including local, state and federal permitting and any aspect of the design build stage.

Oklahoma City Civil Engineering Firm Services

Smith Roberts Baldischwiler, LLC is recognized as an industry leader in all aspects of land services including civil engineering design, master-planning, platting, site evaluation, right-of-way engineering, utility relocation / coordination, field surveying, construction and utility staking, construction administration and observation, as well as value engineering.

We provide specialized services and expertise in surveying; right-of-way services; storm water management; drainage facilities; hydrologic and hydraulic analysis and design; roadway and bridge design; traffic signalization; water distribution; and sanitary sewer improvements.

Wastewater / Sanitary Sewer
Studies and planning related to sanitary sewer collection systems, lift stations and sewage treatment.
Right-of-Way Engineering
Research of existing right-of-way and easements, preparation of legal descriptions, preparation of right-of-way plans and property acquisitions.
Water Distribution Improvements
Studies and planning related to raw water supply, treatment, storage and distribution.
Storm Water Management
Drainage and detention studies, design and planning of storm water management, collection and treatment facilities and permitting.
Hydrologic & Hydraulic Analysis & Design
Flood studies including floodplain boundary delineation, corrections and permitting.
Roadway & Bridge Design
Transportation studies and planning including alignment, storm water collection and management, structural engineering and traffic planning.
Studies and planning for signalized intersections, signing and striping, construction traffic planning and future traffic projections.
Utility Relocation / Coordination
Utility research, utility meetings, relocation coordination, utility as-planned plans and new service connections.
Construction Administration / Observation
Periodic / full-time site visits, reporting, materials tracking and pay claim review.
Site Design
Design, planning and permitting of right-of-way and easement, grading and drainage, and utilities to facilitate proposed developments.
Master Planning
Evaluation of current property conditions and best future use of land.
Topographical Survey
Legal descriptions, ALTA surveys, topographical surveys and plats.

Smith-Roberts-Baldischwiler, an Oklahoma City Engineering Firm, is your one stop for Planning, Surveying, Site Development, Civil Engineering and Inspection services.

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