Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis and Design

SRBOK’s Hydro Engineering Team has extensive experience with stream flow monitoring, runoff prediction, culvert sizing, sediment control which assists in the drainage design for urban areas, industrial facilities and more in the state of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma has more shoreline than the state of California. It is important to work with a firm who has experience with designing the criteria for the foundation and construction of water storage facilities, pipelines, earth dams and levees, creek restoration, erosion management and more.

Specialized Engineering Services include:

  • Pond and Channel Design
  • Water Balance Calculations
  • Channel Hydraulics and Design
  • Design of Infiltration and Evaporation Ponds
  • Channel Improvements
  • Water rights and Water Supply
  • Hydrodynamic Flow Modeling
  • Water Surface Profiles for Culverts, Floodplains
  • Piping Design and Layout
  • Flow Gaging and Rating Curve Development
  • Sediment Transport Calculations
  • Infiltration and Seepage Modeling for Cap and Liner Systems
  • Meteorological Data Compilation and Runoff Computations
  • Storm Water and Urban Drainage Quality Evaluations
  • NPDES Permit Applications and Compliance Monitoring
  • Levee and River Bank Evaluation and Design
  • Bridge Scour Analysis and Countermeasure Design
  • Wetland Design

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